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Push Notification


Push Notification

CapiraMobile© mobile apps have built in support for Apple Push Notifications, Google Cloud Messaging, and Windows Azure Notification Services. Using the web management console, libraries can instantly deploy messages to thousands of mobile app users in seconds. Easily tell your patrons about emergency closings, budget votes, and other major events in seconds. Since the web console is password-secured, you can restrict access to select members of your staff.


Notifications can be further customized to perform special actions when pressed such as bringing the patron to your website or a specific feature in your app. Your patrons can opt in and out of receiving notifications at any time.

Push Notifications are also a great way to highlight your library’s events and promotions. Do you have a program that isn’t getting the number registrations you want? Send out a Push Notification with a link directly to the registration page for that program, and watch your numbers increase right away. Promoting your Facebook page with a raffle or some other contest for those who “like” your page? Deploy a Push Notification informing your users about the promotion, and watch the number of “likes” go up and up, minute by minute after deploying your message!