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Our Perspective

Our Perspective

Who are we?

The leaders of Capira Technologies have a combined 35 years of in-library service. Yes! That’s correct, our team has served in every capacity of library and patron service. From library aides, network administrators, administrative personnel, all the way up to library director, we have served where you serve and engaged the patrons in every manner possible. This experience allows our company to offer you a one of a kind “patron first perspective”. We know what your patrons’ expectations are and how seamlessly change must be developed and introduced.


What do we do?

Capira Technologies offers many services to fit the ever growing mobile and online marketplaces. Our primary services are based in native mobile application and web site development. We take great pride in our custom development work. From layout to completion each client is welcomed as part of our extended family of extremely satisfied clients.


Why CapiraMobile?

As you can see from our ‘about us’ page, Capira Technologies is a company built by library professionals, not everyday businessmen trying to make quick sales and build bank accounts. We are in the business because we have a passion for excellence in library service and have a vision for personal patron interaction with the libraries that we serve. This type of passion is evident in the development of our mobile applications. Each and every client is handled in a personal and professional manner, taking into account their particular patron base and demographic served. Our company takes the time to meet with your team, take in your existing level of personal patron service and create an avenue to bring that very service to the mobile marketplace. It’s not an easy task and shouldn’t be trusted to a company that doesn’t have real life experience in personal patron service.


It’s all about perspective…

Our unique perspective as front line library service members gives our team the opportunity to provide you and your patrons with services that cannot be matched by folks that haven’t “sat in the seat” so to speak. We believe that a company must have that unique  “patron first” perspective to properly gauge the services and offerings that you will be delivering to your patrons. That’s why each client is welcomed and treated as our extended family of library professionals as we assess your current library services and bring them to the mobile and online marketplace.