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iBeacon Integration


iBeacon Library App Integration

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Connect with your patrons like never before! Beacon Integration allows libraries with CapiraMobile Apps to interact with their patrons using indoor micro location services over Bluetooth. iBeacons are currently used in many retail locations to interact with customers, but are now being brought to libraries. iBeacons are small battery powered devices that broadcast wireless messages, with adjustable ranges as small as 1 foot and as large as 250 feet. Libraries can control the placement, range, and desired functionality of each iBeacon. iBeacons can be used in conjunction with the library app so that patrons can be reminded about account notices the moment they enter the library, be notified about upcoming events when entering a specific branch or section, and also allows the library to identify and analyze traffic throughout the areas where beacons are placed.

These are just some  features possible with iBeacon Integration:

Circulation Notices – Patrons who have authenticated their account information in your library app can receive notifications about items due that day, items ready for pickup, and much more when they enter the building. Library staff know that patrons often visit the library and forget they have items due that day. Automatically reminding them to stop by the circulation desk and renew them before they leave is a great customer service.

Event Notices – A patron can walk into your library’s teen section or a specific branch building and get information about events happening that day for that location. Libraries can customize these notices, perhaps it should display a list of upcoming events for that section, or just remind patrons of events upcoming in the next hour or two.

Informational Notices – Does your library have a special room or section for local history, business, or another specialty? Patron devices can launch an informational notice about that area and items found within if their devices finds the beacon located nearby.

Shelving Notices – A patron can put his device near a particular shelf and see a list of items located in that section. For example, if a library offered a row of shelves with New Releases, a patron could view items released that day using their device and a beacon located on the shelf.

Patron Assistance – Devices can time how long a beacon stays in range. Staff can be notified if a patron spends an excessive amount of time in a specific area or room without moving, possibly indicating they may require assistance looking for items.

Beacon Tracking – Anonymous beacon tracking allows libraries to capture how patrons with your library app move throughout the building, along with time spent in each area.

The possibilities are endless!

Patron Account Reminders

Shelving Specific Item Listing

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