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Google Analytics


Google Analytics for Mobile Apps

Google Analytics for Mobile Apps captures mobile app-specific usage data and integrates it with your Google Analytics account, where you can reapply your knowledge of web analytics to dedicated app reports. This suite of reports provides the tools and metrics you need to analyze and evaluate your app performance, including:

  • The number of installations
  • Devices and networks used to access app
  • The geographic location and languages spoken by visitors
  • in-app purchase totals
  • Customized tracking of special content, like video
  • The number of screens seen per visit, and the order in which visitors move through these screens

Summaries of your reports are aggregated into your Google Analytics account. Individual App Analytics Reports are organized into four categories, each containing a dedicated set of reports:

  • Acquisitions: Find out how often your app is downloaded and installed, and how successful certain marketing campaigns are in attracting visitors.
  • Users: Get to know the people using your app — where they are, how often and long they use an app, and what devices are popular with your visitors.
  • Engagement: Track in detail the ways users interact with your app. Find out which screens are viewed in a typical visit, or set up Event Tracking to analyze custom actions, like button clicks and video plays. Technical exceptions and crashes are also included in this set of reports.
  • Outcomes: Know the real value of your app. Set up Goals and Ecommerce to track targeted objectives, like completed sign-ups and product sales.

Individually, these reports provide data about how people use your app. Together, they offer the information you need to understand and improve the performance of your apps.