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Push Notification

Push Notifications are a way to provide alerts and related information to your mobile users. CapiraMobile© mobile apps have built in support for Apple Push Notifications, Google Cloud Messaging, and Windows Azure Notification Services. Using the web management console, libraries can instantly deploy messages to thousands of mobile app users in seconds.

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CapiraMobile© has support for Self Checkout and Renewal with your ILS. Patrons can use their device to check out items from the library catalog, as well as renew items before they are due back. Patrons scan items for check out using their devices integrated camera, or by entering item barcodes using the virtual keyboard.

DigitalLibrary Card

Eliminate or simply offer another option to physical library cards. Allow patrons to show their digital library card on their mobile device. Patrons using CapiraMobile© can authenticate their library information against your library ILS, allowing them to generate a digital version of their library card barcode with the tap of a button at any time. This feature is included in the base package.

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Multilingual Support

Habla español? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Parla italiano? No problem. Multilingual support is built right in to CapiraMobile©. Libraries can pick and choose what languages their edition will support.

ISBN/EAN Scanning

Devices containing an integrated camera with auto-focus can use CapiraMobile© to scan the ISBN or EAN from any material in any store and have that item looked up in your public web catalog. If an item is not found in your catalog, CapiraMobile© offers the ability for patrons to request that the library purchase the item for them. Patrons can provide their library barcode or email address so staff can notify them when an item has been ordered.

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Patron Record Notifications

Patrons can authenticate their library record information against your ILS, allowing them to receive notifications on their device when they have fines owed, items on hold, and when their library card expires.

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Web Management

Manage your app settings, integrated databases and deploy push notifications all through the cloud based Web Management Console.

Subscription Database

Bring the research database services your library offers right into the pocket of your patron. The database module allows patrons to view databases alphabetically, by subject, and even perform a search for a specific database by keyword.

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Event Calendar

CapiraMobile© supports the ability to integrate your event calendar. Patrons can search events by keyword, by event type, or by event date.

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Application Architecture

CapiraMobile© apps are all built as Native Applications. Native applications are coded specific to a given mobile platform using the development tools and language that the respective platform supports (e.g., Xcode and Objective-C with iOS, Eclipse and Java with Android). Native Applications provide the best usability, the best features, and the best overall mobile experience.

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Custom User Interface

CapiraMobile© has the ability to let libraries design a completely customizable user interface for handheld and tablet devices. Nearly all application screens have the ability to display custom data, as well as the library logo or other images.

New Event Notifier

Allow your patrons to sign up for reminders when new events are added to your calendar. As new events are added, patrons recieve an email or push notification alerting them to the updates.

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Catalog Integration

CapiraMobile© will integrate seamlessly with your web catalog, allowing patrons to search for and reserve items directly from their mobile device. It brings all the features of your web based catalog to your mobile device, including book jackets, item record data, item status, and other associated information. Patrons can limit their search queries by any available filters the library catalog provides, such as Author, Keyword, Title, ISBN, Material Type, and Scope.

Full Reporting and Analytics

Google Analytics for Mobile Apps captures mobile app-specific usage data and integrates it with your Google Analytics account, where you can reapply your knowledge of web analytics to dedicated app reports. This suite of reports provides the tools and metrics you need to analyze and evaluate your app performance.

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Social Media Integration

Taking advantage of public programming interfaces, CapiraMobile© can integrate with certain Social Media mobile apps, including Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter. Let your patrons view your Pinterest pins, see Facebook timeline updates and tweet you directly from your mobile app.

iBeacon™ App Integration

Be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution and connect with your patrons like never before! Capture your user’s attention and communicate with their mobile devices as soon as they walk in your door.

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StackMap™ Integration

Find books not call numbers! Now your patrons can get visual maps of where your items are located. We’ve partnered with StackMap™ to bring you this exciting new functionality. Search the catalog > select a book > have CapiraMobile© guide you directly to it, all without leaving the app’s catalog search function.

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Mobile Library Card Signup

By taking advantage of the camera already built in to your patron’s smartphone, you can allow them to register/renew their library cards from anywhere, at their convenience. Patrons can snap a picture of their ID and supporting documents and transmit them to your library via the CapiraMobile© app. Process their application and have a new card waiting for them the next time they walk in the door at your library!