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Concerning Recent Library Patron Data Breaches

Jessica Rathjen


Here at Capira, we have been receiving a lot of questions about recent library patron data breaches from customers and business connections, so we wanted to clarify some information.

Customers of an ILS vendor were notified recently with a message indicating that some libraries had a patron data breach through a vulnerability in a “third party mobile application". Capira Technologies IS NOT the third-party application vendor they mention. I reached out to the ILS vendor security team for more information so that we can determine how the breach occurred with the other vendor to help ensure we aren't vulnerable in a similar manner.

While no system is 100% secure, we take great steps to ensure access to our systems and customers are protected.

  • Direct access to our cloud server infrastructure is limited both by IP access and use of a private key file. Only two people on staff have this private key, one of which is myself.
  • All other access to our cloud server infrastructure other than HTTP/HTTPS is restricted by IP address.
  • We force SSL connections for services we provide such as CapiraMobile and MuseumKey.
  • Access requests to customer ILS functions are (REST APIs, etc) are performed using SSL where available.
  • While not all third-party customer services support SSL connections, we make a point to request SSL endpoints of services for use, including for external services like Event Calendars, Room Booking, Library Guides, and more.
  • We use Intrusion Detection software on our cloud servers to monitor for abnormal traffic in to our systems and out to customer integrated library systems.
  • We perform security updates for software and operating systems on a 30 day basis, excluding critical security fixes which are applied when immediately available.

We've taken a precautionary measure over the past few weeks and inspected our virtual servers access logs and network traffic reports for anything out of the ordinary. No customers have reported any data breaches to us. We will continue to monitor our infrastructure.


Michael Berse

Managing Member, Lead Software Engineer at Capira Technologies, LLC. 

Capira Technologies partners with NYLA to create a customized mobile application for its 2017 and 2018 annual library conferences

Jason Ladick

Medford, New York., May 21, 2017 – The New York Library Association (NYLA) has partnered with Capira Technologies to create a customized mobile application for its 2017 and 2018 annual library conferences. Previously Capira Technologies had created a mobile app for the NYLA Sustainability Initiative for Libraries, and will now work with conference staff to create an enhanced edition with features not available in the previous conference app.

“NYLA is excited to be partnering with Capira Technologies for the development of our 2017 Mobile Conference App.” said Jeremy Johannesen, Director of New York Library Association. “The NYLA conference app is going to be the best ever, and Capira Technologies is a New York based company to boot!”

The new conference application will allow attendees to view and manage a list of sessions they wish to attend, see nearby restaurants and activities, exhibitor hall layout, and much more. Conference managers will also have the ability to send push notifications direct to devices, allowing them to quickly notify attendees of rescheduled sessions, sponsorships from vendors, and other items of note such as special and networking events.

“Our goal is to provide an experience for conference attendees which has all the features they would expect from a modern app, making it easier for them to manage their conference plans instead of relying on printed brochures and listings.” said Michael Berse, Lead Software Engineer for Capira Technologies.

The mobile app will be available for all 800+ NYLA conference attendees on the Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems in early October 2017. Capira Technologies will be on-site exhibiting at the NYLA annual conference from November 8th to November 11th in Saratoga Springs, NY.

About Capira Technologies, LLC: Founded in 2013, Capira Technologies serves over 400 libraries and universities worldwide.  Committed to building partnerships with customers, our professionals have decades of experience library environments and are primed to help you research and implement the best software and workflows for your needs.

About New York Library Association: Established by Melvil Dewey in 1890, is the oldest state library association in the country and represents school, college, special and public libraries, library staff, trustees, and students from around the state. NYLA is the only statewide organization dedicated to advocating on behalf of all libraries and library staff to the state legislature, and serves as the spokesperson on library matters to the media and public policymakers.

Announcing Exclusive Agreement with Evanced Solutions™ (a DEMCO Company)

Jason Ladick

Capira Technologies LLC Announces Exclusive Agreement with Evanced Solutions™ (a DEMCO Company)

API to Allow Seamless Integration Between Products

NEW YORK, January 22, 2015—Capira Technologies LLC, a software and mobile application technology developer for libraries, announced an exclusive collaboration with Evanced™ (a Demco Company), a provider of innovative software solutions for libraries,  to develop an API that will allow seamlessintegration between the companies’ CapiraMobile© and SignUp™ flagship products.

SignUp™ is a simple but powerful event calendar management solution from Evanced™ that makes it easy for patrons to sign up for library events.  The API, currently under development, will provide patrons using CapiraMobile© with quick and easy “1-Click Signup” for events listed in their library’s SignUp™ program, all without having to leave the app, and without having to log in to SignUp™ every time and fill out their information.   The mobile application will be able to seamlessly pass library credentials stored on a patron’s mobile device to the API, making program registration even easier. In addition, patrons using CapiraMobile© will be able to conveniently display a list of all the events that they are currently registered for within the mobile application itself.  Under the agreement, Capira Technologies and their mobile clients will have exclusive rights to the 1-Click Signup API for a year.

Capira Technologies, LLC and Evanced™ will be available at the 2015 American Library Association Midwinter conference in Chicago, January 30 – February 2 at Booths #1735 and #4211, respectively to speak more about this exciting new collaboration.

About Capira Technologies LLC

Founded in 2012 by former library employees, Capira Technologies provides mobile applications for libraries, customized for an optimal patron experience, including state-of-the-art functionality and services, such as digital library cards, self-checkout, remote renewal capabilities, iBeacons, and more. Clients already include Somerset County Library System, Mattituck-Laurel Library, Mount Pleasant Public Library, Hampton Library, and many other libraries in the East Coast area. Visit Capira Technologies website at or email for more information.

About Evanced™

Evanced™, a Demco Company, helps librarians manage their events, maximize the use of library meeting rooms and facilities, and create and run successful summer and seasonal reading. Visit to learn more or email